Terms of the lease - Autorental.az

Main documents:

— passport
— driving license
— for immigrants visa or migration card, international driving license
— registration document

Age and driving practice:

— the minimum age — 24 year
— the minimum practice — 1 year

Main conditions:

1. When the lesser gives the car to the client, he should provide that the technical position of the car is faultless.
2. Since the client has rent the car he should be responsible for vehicle.
3. Client gives guarantee when rent the car:
a) He has all licenses, permit for driving:
b) There is no any responsibility and monitoring of dept in connection for divorces of the traffic rules:
c) There is no any physical and psychological illness which can be a hassle;

Duties of client:

1. Client claimes for the accurate using of the car
2. When the client uses the car he pays the maintenance and fuel of car for his own account
3. Not allowed to client change the technical equipments of car, to add some accessory or details, to write or paint over the car
4. In the period of using car client must pay all fines. If tenant will pay these fines, client have to compensate this
5. If`ll appear some technical indispositions with car cliet must inform to lesser about this and ray all fines
6. In the period of using if happens some traffic accident, client carries all of responsibilities of this accident and he has to pay all fines
7. Since client has taken lease the car he takes a responsible according to the Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan till give back it to the lessor
8. Client has to give back the car clean, without any technical problems to the tenant in the place where has shown on the contract
9. Returning of the car confirms with the act which sign both of sides
10. If the car will not returning in time which shown on the contract, in this case lessee can appeal to The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan about abduction car
11. If the lessee intents to extent the period of contract, then lessee must appeal to the definite organs and sign a new contract when rests 3 days to the end of contract

Duties and lows of lessee:

1. Lessee does not take a responsible about the technical problems with car during the lease period
2. Lessee does not take a responsible about the damaged and lost things into the car which belong to the client or another person
3. If the client divorces some condition of the contract, in this case lessee has rights to divorce the contract and request the car back immediately. Then client must give back the car


Payment service carries out with the tariff which shown on the contract. If the car will not return to the lessee, in this case client has to pay a fine.